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A Brief Introduction of Excavator

As far as we know, excavator plays an important role in heavy construction work. It is a machine that consists of a house, bucket, stick and a boom. There are various different types of excavators available in the market to meet the different working requirements. The moat common forms of excavators found on typical construction sites include:

Dump trucks: it is a heavy duty truck that tilts backwards so that it can dump loose material.

End loaders: it is a platform elevator that lifts loads so that it is level with the rear of the truck.

Scrapers: it is responsible for scrapping down spots in the site which are too high and depositing earth in the areas which are too low.

Backhoes: it is a excavator where the bucket is rigidly attached to a pole on the boom.

Bulldozers: it has large blades for the purpose of pushing a large volume of materials from a site.

Track hoe: it has a large boom which is used for digging holes and deep trenches.

Large and loaders: it is a machine that able to carry large loads without risk of any breakage due to a steering system which functions on strong drive axles.

Attaching a bucket at the end of the hinged arm, the excavator can dig large scale trenches. And this machine can also effectively load and unload heavy materials such as stone, debris, dirt, concrete, etc. Besides, excavator can also handle large materials like pipes and poles if a mechanical thumb is attached. To some special uses, especially used on some special types of terrains, regular rubber tyres can be replaced with spiked-steel wheels to generate the increased torsion.

What is more, owning a excavator means you have to maintain it as well. How to keep it and its parts in a good condition is an essential point to ensure its normal operation. Therefore, regular maintenance of the excavator and its parts is needed. For instance, strips of detachable metal are fixed to the buckets and designed to be worn away and replaced. Make sure that you keep on top of these repairs to ensure that you excavator is working to its maximum capability.

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