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Casting Heat Treatment

Objective precision Castings tempering the heat treatment

1 reduce brittleness, so as to eliminate or reduce stress
2 reducing the required mechanical properties of the brittle workpiece, in order to obtain the desired toughness, brittleness
3 stable workpiece size
4 for annealing and quenching and tempering is often used to soften hard alloy. Therefore, the appropriate aggregation steel will reduce the hardness to facilitate machining

According to the purpose of precision casting, heat treatment is very large, it can be divided into two basic categories.

The first is the organizational structure does not change, and does not change or should occur by heat treatment, and the second is the basic organizational structure. The first heat treatment process is primarily used to eliminate stress, and the stress is due stainless steel casting process cooling conditions and different conditions. , And the strength and other mechanical properties, which does not change significantly due to the heat treatment.

For the second type of heat treatment and the main al-Qaida has been significantly changed it can be roughly divided into five categories:

1 softening annealing: The main purpose was broken carbide, also reduce its hardness, improve the processing performance, ductile iron, and its goal is to get more iron.
2 normalizing treatment: The main objective is to obtain pearlite and sorbite organization to improve the mechanical properties of cast stainless steel.
3 quenching: mainly in order to obtain a higher hardness and wear resistance of strength, and a very high surface wear characteristics.
4 surface hardening: primarily for surface hardening layer, and give a high surface wear characteristics.
5 precipitation hardening treatment: mainly used for high strength and elongation, without causing drastic changes.