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Five Casting Methods

1. Sand casting: The name of this kind indicates that sand is the mold of this process, and this is one of the oldest process. During this process, the metal poured into the sand mold, and then after the materials cooled, the sand will fall away. There are lots of advantages of this method, it is cheap and perhaps it is the only way to make large castings.

2. Investment casting: Originally, this method was used to make jewelry, and requires more precise and complex components. The mold of this method is made from aluminum. Firstly, injecting wax into the mold to make wax model. Then, assembling the wax with other waxes on a tree. Depending on the size of the part, each tree becomes 10 - 200 pieces. After the tree is totally assembled, it is dipped in 5 coats of ceramic slurry. And the wax will melt out of the tree when the ceramic harden. Now you have a tree which is ready for alloy to be poured in. This a gravity feed method which gives you a very precise casting with a very smooth finish.

3. Graphite mold casting: This is a gravity feed process as well, and the mold is made from graphite. A cavity is processed into two large blocks of graphite, then these two halves are aligned to one another and placed in a semi-automatic press. This method produces precision castings which are excellent for large thin covers and instruments bases.

4. Metal injection molding: With 30 years usage, it is relatively a new method, and is specialized in making small parts. Although the tooling used in this process is expensive, it does give you great precision and a relatively low piece price for high volume components. Besides, this process is widely used in the medical device field.

5. Pressure die casting: This is the most cost effective way of aluminum, zinc and magnesium components casting. Die casting is a highly automated process and therefore very capital intensive. But similar machines are found throughout the world. Making the die casting process a global business.

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