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Loading Shovel Bucket Maintenance

As far as we know, it will cost you a lot to replace a loading shovel bucket. And replacing some smaller parts that wear regularly rather than paying out the damaging cost of a new loading shovel bucket is a much wise choice. So keeping the loading shovel bucket in a top condition to maximize its life is necessary. Here are some tips which can help you maximize the life of your bucket.

First of all, make sure the quality of your cutting edges is good. You know, the bucket cutting edge which locate in the front edge at the base of the bucket is the area where most likely to be worn. This indicate that once the cutting edges start to wear, you need to replace them. There are a wide range of different grades of steel that can produce cutting edges. While 400 to 500 HB is the advisable and desirable hardness for the blade, which can significantly protect the bucket and will maximize the time before you replace it again. And most blades are bolted on with bolt-on wear blades which is something to bear in mind when fixing them.

Next, regularly check your wear blades and cutting edges. When check the condition of the wear blade, you have to ensure it is not wearing back to the bucket. Because it needs 2 to 3 weeks to produce a blade, you should allow enough time to achieve the replacement.

Finally, you have to notice that the bucket teeth also need to be replaced. Well, the bucket teeth are constantly engaging with the ground, so they wear easily as well. When replacing the parts, be remember to choose high quality ones, which will save you lots of money and time in the long run, and they can effectively protect the bucket and maximize the penetration. Otherwise, you may waste more money and energy to replace the parts again and again.

Check your bucket teeth regularly to see how worn out they are. Besides, keep a set of bucket teeth replacement tools in available is a good idea, so that you can get them as soon as you need them.

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