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Making Repairs on Bucket Teeth

Obviously, Excavator Bucket Teeth is an an important part of a excavator machine. Because, it carries out an assortment functions, such as digging, carrying dirt around, breaking up rock, and scooping up construction materials on job sites. Wide function determines its heavy use. Therefore, in order to ensure proper running, it is necessary to replace or repair the bucket tooth. Making sure that the machine works to its full capacity is rewarding as it will make the operator more money.

There are some easy steps that you can do to repair your bucket teeth.

1. Firstly, you need o find out the damaged bucket teeth. This is very simple, you can do it by just seeing at the bucket tooth. You are looking to see whether the teeth have dulled or been worn-out from over exposure. Meanwhile, check that if any of the metal has been sheared away.

2. Remove the broken teeth. You know, teeth are hold by bolt. If want to remove the broken teeth, using an appropriate-sized impact wrench to break the bolt free. Nevertheless, a cutting torch is necessary if the teeth have been sheared or mangled. Make sure that you check any spot welds that are holding the tooth into place as you may find that some teeth are welded therefore using a cutting torch is imperative to remove them.

3. Sometime, the teeth only need to be sharpened, then they can be used again. Otherwise, a replacement is inevitable.

4. When replacing the broken teeth, it is better to do so with new weld-on teeth or with bolt on teeth. Using both is OK as well. Holding the teeth in place, then tighten the bolts with an appropriate sized wrench. Besides, it is a good idea to read the manufacturer’s instructions in advance if you want to replace the teeth.

These repairs are imperative if you are going to work with rock or gravel. Because the teeth will be exerted to the extensive pressure. So do not wait for your machine to fail, make these repairs now.

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