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Precision Castings Used in Auto Sector

Generally speaking, the Precision Casting process is used in the iron industry to make iron products depending on clients’ requirements. And with the introduction of automobiles in the early 20th century, the iron consumption in automobile companies has increased rapidly all over the world. Recently, the automobile companies still remain as the largest consumer of metal castings. Besides, automotive castings are a bit different from other iron castings. Since the products of these castings forms important parts of a vehicle, the casting has to be perfect and flawless. The followings are two kinds of automotive castings.

Grey iron castings: It is the most common found cast iron and is also one of the most widely used materials for casting. And graphite is generally added in this cast to give it a distinct grey color. It is mainly used in products with non critical tensile strength, such as pump housings, electrical boxes, decorative items and valve bodies. Besides, since it has high level of thermal conduction, it is also a desirable material for making cookware and rotors for brakes. Most grey iron castings have 1 to 3 percent of silicon and 2.5 to 4 percent of carbon. What is more, as a reliable graphite stabilizing agent, silicon is widely used in grey iron casting.

Ductile iron castings: Introduced in 1943, this types of cast has been widely used by different industrial sectors including the automobile sector. Unlike the other castings, this kind of casting is not brittle and is able to withstand stress for a long period of time. Several materials are mixed with iron to form ductile casting while the main materials including carbon, silicon, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous and sulfur. And among them, carbon and silicon present in the highest concentration.

At present, casting as a precise process, is widely used in automobile sector to produce a great deal of automotive components. These components are manufactured by placing the molten iron in molds which are specifically designed according to the requirements of the automobile industry. Then the cast products are taken out from the molds and are filled in the automobiles. Recently, nearly all equipments in an automobile are made of cast metals.

As the casting process is quite intricate one, it needs to be completed perfectly in order make the products flawless. Clients in need of such products should always take the help of professional experts who can give effective suggestions regarding the products. Quality check is absolutely essential before buying such product because compromising with the quality may result in the lack of the desired result.