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Right Excavator Tooth for Right Job

For most laymen, it may feel wired and confused to hear the word “teeth” and “excavation work” at the same time. However, the incidence of the word “Excavator Bucket Teeth” in this sense is actually not referring to our human teeth, but is referring to a part that attaches on the end of an excavating bucket.

In general, the tooth is a very important part of the bucket, which essentially makes or breaks the job without trying to sounding too dramatic. This is because the tooth aids the ground penetration. It also makes the process more efficient because it assists the digger to dig without much effort. If the tooth has worn down or has become blunt, this would be harmful to the machines health. This is due to the fact that it would increase the percussive shock that is transmitted through the bucket to the digging arm.

Obviously, different jobs require different types of teeth. So here is a list of the different 'teeth' you can get your hands on:

Standard Long Tooth: As you may have guessed from the name this is a general purpose tooth. This is suitable for most construction and civil engineering applications, however this type of tooth is only suitable for use on excavators.

Tiger Long/ Twin Tiger Long Tooth: This is designed for use with extremely dense terrain and where extra penetration is required. On the other hand it is not suitable for high impact or abrasive environments.

Heavy-Duty Long Tooth/ Heavy-Duty Abrasion Tooth: Both these tooth styles are for heavy duty and abrasive applications where standard teeth will wear too fast. The heavy-duty abrasion tooth also facilitates material loading, and unlike the long tooth, it is suitable for loading shovels instead of excavators

Rock Chisel Tooth: This tooth is designed for use on very compact materials that require a high level of penetration but also a high level of impact and abrasion resistance

Rock Penetration Abrasion Tooth: This has a very similar style to the rock chisel tooth but it has more wear material on the underside of the tooth for increased wear/abrasion resistance

Remember, it is necessary and important to use right teeth for the right job. In addition, you have aware that worn down or blunt teeth could do more harm than good, thus replace the worn tooth as quick as possible. But don't worry, you can get replacement teeth without the need to visit the dentist.