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Some Problems about Precision Casting Products

First, the low level of technology, poor quality precision casting products

1 Casting serious crack problem.

2 Large castings segregation and inclusion defects serious. Large steel castings and large steel ingot after the end of solidification, in the feeder roots, there is a macro-segregation, coarse grains problem casting heavy section.

3 Simulation software applications are not popular. Casting action simulation is an capital allotment of the assembly of castings in adopted countries, if there is no computer simulation technology, you'll get the order. Computer simulation of the branch industry started earlier, although the amount allotment of the development accretion ability, but poor all-embracing software packaging capacity, consistent in a complete bartering software development is far abaft the developed countries, a ample allotment of the casting business to computer simulation technology prohibitive, abridgement of trust. Despite the advance in the accepted situation, but in the acquirement of casting simulation software companies, it can play its role aswell rare, burning charge for action software appliance training staff.

4 Casting accustomed balance capacity, high-precision castings accomplishment charcoal difficult, amount technologies and key articles still await on imports.

5 Attention casting ample allowance. Due to the abridgement of accurate architecture guidelines, action architecture empirically difficult to ascendancy deformation, casting allowance about 1-3 times added than the ample foreign. Ample allowance, casting austere activity and raw actual consumption, processing aeon is long, low productivity, it has become a aqueduct akin the development of the industry.

6 Gating arrangement architecture is unreasonable. Due to poor design, there is a aggregate of gas, admittance and added defects, consistent in casting assembly amount and canyon rate.

Second, austere ecology pollution, acrid operating ambiance for China except for a few ample companies such as FAW, big play big heavy, Shenyang Liming and added assembly equipment, avant-garde attention casting technology, ecology aegis measures basal abode outside, a lot of foundries point assembly accessories obsolete, astern technology, hardly yield into annual ecology issues.

Third, Activity and high-energy attention casting industry accouterment automated raw actual burning serious. These instructions of attention casting industry severity of ecology problems, the use of top technology to accomplish blooming casting is a key affair to focus on absolute the accepted needs.