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The Process of Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting a very ancient method that originally used by artists to cast bronze sculptures. But now, it is widely used in various industries to make articles like fine jewelery, show pieces, dental restoration, even a few specific industrial parts and some machine tools. The main process of lost wax casting includes rough sculptor making, final mold making, filling up the mold, removal of wax replica, and softening. Now, let’s analyze these steps in details.

Rough sculptor making: the name of this procedure indicates that the main material in this process is wax. Due to its soft characteristic, it always used to make the rough sculptor.

Final mold making: the mold is made up of two pieces and a key with shim is placed between the two pieces during construction so the mold can be put back together accurately. Plaster and fiberglass are common materials for the molds. Besides, an inner mold of latex or vinyl or silicone is put to preserve the details of the original work. However, during the process of deconstruction, the original work made of plaster mold cracks or breaks easily. Therefore, the exact replica is required to get for most molds.

Filling up the mold: when complete or finish the latex and plaster mold, molten wax will pour into the mold covers the mold with a coat. The thickness of the wax coating is around 1/8 inch. This process is then repeated until the desired thickness is achieved.

Removal of wax replica: then the hollow wax replica of the original work was removed from the mold. And you can use the original mold to make more wax replicas.

Softening: the softening process is completed by using of the heated metal tools. The metal tools are rubbed around portions that show cracks or the joining line of the mold, where the pieces have come together. Then heat and attach the separated mold wax pieces.

Apart from the above steps, there are also some steps left to complete the whole process of lost wax casting, such as slurry, burnout, testing, pouring, release ans metal-chasing.

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