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Tips on Choosing the Right Forklift Parts

Regular maintenance and scheduled servicing are vital to ensure the longevity of your forklift fleet. However, no matter how well you may take care of your forklift, all forklift parts come with an expiration date. Immediately replacing worn out forklift parts is key to keeping the productivity of your business up, but how can you be sure you’re buying the right parts?

Today we will highlight important tips you will need to consider when purchasing forklift parts. We will also explore the different benefits of new and used parts, which you can use as a reference when choosing between the two.

Check the serial number- Not all spare parts you come across are compatible with the brand and model of your forklift. Do your homework and jot down the part’s serial number so you can easily refer to it when you’re dealing with your supplier.

Compatibility- Most importantly, when you are purchasing a forklift part you must make sure that the part is compatible with the make and model of your forklift. It is vital that you know the serial number and the make and model of your forklift so you are able to use it as a reference when dealing with your supplier. This will ensure you buy the correct part the first time.

Have a look around-Of course you want to reduce downtime to a minimum, but in the end it pays not to rush buying forklift parts. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, and neither does expensive. Don’t hesitate to compare suppliers and ask for their advice.

How to buy the right forklift parts

Avoid Using Older Spare Parts-If you are looking at buying used forklift parts, try to avoid buying used parts that are over seven years old. Although you will be saving money initially, they are cheaper than other used parts for a reason. They will break easier than more expensive parts and will therefore be costly in the long run.

Buy your forklift parts from a professional supplier-Whether you’re planning to buy new or used forklift parts, always turn to a professional supplier. By buying from a professional supplier, you can rest assured that the parts have been properly inspected by trained staff. You're suggested to