Bucket Cutting Edge Manufacturers

High quality rolled steel cutting edges are designed for long-term dependability. Replacement excavator cutting edges are able to withstand the stress of any type.These cutting edges can be custom fabricated out of thicker and harder grades of steel to meet different needs and supplied according to OEM specification.
Ningbo Tuoxing Precision Casting Co.,Ltd is professional Bucket Cutting Edge manufacturers and Scraper Cutting Edge factory.
We supply and custom type of cutting edge such as single bevel,double bevel, side cutters, cutters exists etc.

Single beveled edge is the ability to make one cut or more at a time. This makes excavation faster and easier.

Dual beveled excavator buckets feature a single bevel on both the right and left sides. This makes the excavator much more versatile and allows for better penetration.

Side cutters suitbest are best suited for larger excavation projects where more area needs to be excavated, such as mining.Side cutters work by allowing a worker to cut through materials using a blade that is attached to the side of the excavator bucket cutting edges. These blades are typically made out of manganese steel. These side cutters can range in size depending on the job at hand.
Accept OEM/ODM.