Carbon/Alloy Steel Casting Parts Manufacturers

Casting of Carbon Steel is also done for forging of alloy steel and forged steel components.
There are now two methods of carbon steel casting: wet casting and dry casting. Wet Carbon Steel Casting: Carbon steel parts are made through the investment casting process. There is a huge investment required for starting this process and it is time consuming. If you want to cast a small number of parts then you can do it by wet casting. It takes longer time but the products produced are much better in quality.
There are two basic kinds of alloy steel casting parts – hot rolled and cold rolled. Hot rolled Casting is often used when the end product will be lighter than cold rolled. The process involves pouring molten zinc and magnesium alloy into a hopper. Once cooled, the combination is then passed through a die, which melts and hardens the alloy. Cold rolled Casting is used when precision is more important than strength.

A low alloy steel casting foundry is a machine that is able to melt zinc and magnesium alloys at extremely high temperatures using an electric motor. It is used to make a wide range of products, including high quality automobile parts, airplane parts, military hardware, and railroad equipment. Typically, they are run by an induction heating system that uses a small electrical current to rapidly heat the zinc and magnesium alloy. These alloys are very strong, yet extremely dense, which means that they require a special dye that is able to build them with great force.
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