The advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel castings


The dimensional accuracy of investment castings cast by […]

The dimensional accuracy of investment castings cast by steel casting manufacturers will be relatively high, generally reaching CT4-6, but because the process of investment casting is very complicated, there are many factors that affect the dimensional accuracy of castings, such as shrinkage of mold materials. , The linear change of the shell in the heating and cooling process and the shrinkage rate of the alloy, etc., will easily cause the deformation of the casting during the solidification process, so even the ordinary investment casting has high dimensional accuracy, but In terms of its consistency, it still needs to be improved. The size consistency of castings using medium and high temperature wax should be improved a lot.

What are the advantages of stainless steel casting?
(1) The steel casting factory does not need to lose the metal of the riser system and the gating system when casting stainless steel castings, so the power can be increased to a large extent.

(2) During production, stainless steel castings can improve the function of metal without using cores.

(3) In the casting process of stainless steel castings, the pores are smaller than ordinary castings, and the density is higher, so its ability is still very good, even if it is used with some composite metal castings, it The operation of the steel can also be appropriately simple. In addition, the steel casting factory can also use centrifugal force to make the metal castings have more performance, so that the stainless steel can also produce some thinner castings.

What are the disadvantages of stainless steel casting?
(1) If the steel casting manufacturer wants to produce some castings of different shapes, then it will be subject to some constraints. The large and small intervals in the castings are not very accurate, the interior will be rough, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. .

(2) When the steel casting factory is casting stainless steel castings, it is easy to have specific gravity problems, so it is not suitable for casting some alloys, especially some impurities that have a larger specific gravity than alloy metals.


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