What are the knowledge points of Forklift Casting Parts?


Forklift casting parts are a vital component of materia […]

Forklift casting parts are a vital component of material-handling equipment. They help to ensure the safety of your forklift operator and provide a long service life. CFS foundry provides casting parts for several different types of forklifts to ensure you get the part you need when you need it.


Forks, Mast and Attachments
The main lifting mechanism for forklifts is the mast. It is responsible for raising and lowering loads, which are carried on the forks that hook onto the mast. The mast also has a frame of rails that enables horizontal control of the forklift.


Lift Cylinders
Hydraulic cylinders, often called pneumatic cylinders, are used to elevate and lower the mast and load. They are located at the base of the mast and have a hollow tube closed with a lubricated piston at one end.


Roller Chain Pulleys
The fulcrum of the forklift's mast is fixed to the main body with two roller chain pulleys. The chains form a gear above the mast, and as the hydraulic pistons push the mast upwards, the fulcrum of the roller chains press on the gears to help the mast lift.


Counterweights are designed to distribute weight and maintain stability in the forklift, as well as to prevent the vehicle from tipping over. They are commonly placed in between the rear wheels of a stand-up rider forklift and behind the rear wheels of sit-down counterbalanced forklifts.


Forklift attachments may consist of barrel clamps, fork extensions, rotators, fork positioners, slipsheet attachments, carton clamps and multipurpose clamps. These can be permanently or temporarily attached to the carriage to help in engaging a load.



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