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Agricultural casting parts are essential in the product […]

Agricultural casting parts are essential in the production of equipment used to grow and harvest food for human consumption. Modern farm machinery requires precision metal parts that can withstand the harsh conditions, heavy loads and changing technology.


Steel remains the most common material for agricultural implements and hand tools due to its malleability, strength and ability to withstand pesticides and herbicides. Structural steel is also resistant to corrosion and maintains its integrity throughout a wide range of outdoor temperatures.


Aluminum, one-third the weight of steel or iron, is a great choice for hard-working agricultural equipment due to its noncorrosive nature, strength and availability of alloys ideal for agricultural applications. Automotive frames, drums, cylinders, gear casings and housings are just a few examples of aluminum parts used on farm equipment that are fabricated by a reliable aluminum casting company.


Agricultural investment castings are made from various alloys and are designed with less-tight tolerances to maximize the reliability and performance of their machinery. The industry has relied on investment castings for centuries to ensure that their agricultural machinery operates smoothly in a demanding environment with the ultimate goal of producing food.



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