What are the relevant knowledge introductions of Forklift Casting Parts?


Forklift casting parts are made from die-cast aluminum […]

Forklift casting parts are made from die-cast aluminum to build forklifts. The technician who makes them must be able to stay focused and handle the equipment safely.


A forklift consists of several parts, including the truck frame, mast, overhead guard, counterweight and drive tires. Some forklifts are equipped with tanks that store fuel or hydraulic fluids.


The forklift driver sits in an operator cab and controls the lift truck from the inside of this cabin. The cab has a steering wheel, brake and gas pedals, levers to control the forks and mast and a dashboard with gauges.


Mast: The forklift mast is the part of the forklift that raises and lowers loads. There are different types of masts and some of them are designed to handle different kinds of load heights.
Carriage: The carriage is a rectangular bracket that mounts the forks to the mast. It also supports the forks as they travel down the mast.
Attachments: The attachments hook onto the carriage and are what actually handle the load. These include forks, telescopic forks, lift cylinders, mast chains, tilt cylinders and more.
Tilt Cylinders: The tilt cylinders are double-acting hydraulic cylinders that allow the mast to tilt forward and backward. This allows the operator to easily align forks with the pallet channels.
Fork Positioners: The fork positioners hook onto the carriage and are used to move loads side-to-side without having to change the entire attachment. They're often used in the paper and printing industries.



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