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Casting Carbon Steel Electric Power Parts

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Process: Water Glass/Silica sol/Pre-coated Sand
Material: Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel
Standard:  ISO, DIN, GB, AAR, BS
Max Size:  1000mm
Weight: 0.005-90kgs
Tolerance:  CT3-9
Year Capacity: 20000 T

EPC is a process where metal or plastic parts are formed by compressing them together using high voltage and high speed electric motors. The process is similar to that of hot-forming metal or plastic but unlike hot-forming, where plastic or metal are melted together to form the part, in Electric Power Casting the material is allowed to cool only until it reaches a temperature of approximately minus 40 degrees Celsius. This allows the molten material to cool into its solid form.Used in automobiles, agricultural machinery and other fields

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Ningbo Tuoxing Precision Casting Co., Ltd. mainly provides OEM Ground Engaging Tools for the construction and Mining industries and commercial casting for various heavy industries, like railway casting parts, auto casting parts and other lost was casting parts. We also play a role in Casting Carbon Steel Electric Power Parts suppliers.

We carries a complete line of Ground Engaging Tools, including bucket teeth and adapters, cutting edges, side cutters, end bits, ripper shanks, shank guards and scarifies shanks, pins and retainers, bolts and nuts, etc.

Our Strength:

Experience - the core members of our management team have been working together to produce quality castings at Precision Castings for 10 years.

Advanced management systems - our quality system (QA Display) provides pictorials for stage of production throughout the plant.

Ningbo Tuoxing Precision Casting Co., Ltd is advanced foundry of Casting Carbon Steel Electric Power Parts casting, we casting and supply OEM/ODM. With capacity 12000 tons per year and ISO9001: 2000 and TS16949: 2002 certificate.

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