Choosing Bucket Adapters


Whether you are looking for an adapter for a high-capac […]

Whether you are looking for an adapter for a high-capacity cell culture system, or a swing-bucket rotor adapter, there are several options to consider.

Using an adapter for swing-bucket rotor can be advantageous. These adapters allow the rotor to be used with a wide range of centrifuges. A number of adapters are available for the swing bucket rotor. They range from a rubber mat for an entrifuge to a 26 mm bore adapter for a variety of Centrifuges.


The Adapter is autoclavable (121 degrees C) and has a 26 mm bore. This adapter has a flat bottom and fits centrifuge tube sizes from 18 to 30 mL. It also has a rubber mat for a more secure fit. The adapter is autoclavable in 20 minutes. The adapter can be used with swing-bucket rotors, fixed-angle rotors, and tube adapters.

Choosing the right 250 mL rectangular bucket to house your microbiological specimen is a tad tricky. With line of biosafety cabinets you can be confident that the contents of your biosafety cabinet are in good hands. Having a foolproof plan in place is the best way to minimize the risk of mishaps. It is also a good time to take stock of your lab equipment and perform a maintenance check on the olde ye olde lab cabinet. The last thing you want is to find yourself tripping over a forgotten bottle of biosafety cocktail or the dreaded opportunistic pathogen of choice. Using line of biosafety cabinet solutions will ensure that your laboratory is operating at its optimum level. Having a good plan of action in place can make your lab one of the most productive and enjoyable in your lab department. Having an up to date inventory of the latest equipment is the best way to ensure your lab is a success story for years to come.

Whether you're working with high-speed or general-purpose applications, the Swinging Bucket Rotor is designed to fit your needs. This rotor fits two x 150/300 mL cell culture bags. It's compatible with all common multiwell plate types and can be used with fixed-angle rotors, as well. It's also available in four adapter sets to accommodate vessels ranging from 0.2 mL to 85 mL. You can purchase the adapter separately or as part of a complete cell culture package.

The Swinging Bucket is a general-purpose, high-capacity cell culture package that includes a rotor, cell culture instrument and ClickSeal biocontainment lids. The rotor accommodates a range of tubes from 0.2 mL to 250 mL, while the instrument is compatible with a wide range of reagents. In addition, the ClickSeal lids are certified by Public Health England to protect the contents from contaminants. The also comes with an adapter pack containing 10 x 50 mL conical adapters and 24 x 15 mL conical adapters.

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