What are the types of construction machinery accessories


The main parts of construction machinery are: hydraulic […]

The main parts of construction machinery are: hydraulic oil, pistons and sealing rings of various oil cylinders and oil cylinder accessories, travel motor and rotary motor accessories, various pilot valves and throttle accessories, oil seals, and oil pipes. Engine parts, generators, batteries, fuses, solenoid valves, main boards, control panels, filter elements (hydraulic oil and air), crawlers, bucket teeth of excavators Now some manufacturers in China are making online shopping malls for accessories, such as Lianzhong Mall.


Drawing, what are the four categories of mechanical parts?
1. Shaft parts
As the most important shaft part, the spindle can be divided into four categories: light-duty spindle, medium-load spindle, heavy-duty spindle and high-precision spindle according to the size and type of load it receives during work.

2. Gear parts
According to the working conditions, gear parts can be divided into three categories: light-duty gears, medium-duty gears and heavy-duty gears.

3. Machine tool guide rail
Because it has a great influence on the accuracy of the whole machine tool, in order to prevent its deformation and wear, the guide rails of machine tools are usually made of gray cast iron.

4. Engine and transmission system parts
There are quite a lot of parts included, there are a large number of gears and various shafts, as well as parts that work at high temperatures, such as intake and exhaust valves, pistons, etc.

5. Reduce the weight of automobile parts
The materials selected to reduce self-weight should be lighter than traditional materials and can ensure business performance.

What does the subdivision of excavator parts include?
Komatsu excavator accessories generally refer to parts that can form a complete excavator, and in industry, they often refer to wearing parts or detachable parts according to construction requirements. Komatsu excavator accessories include the following parts:
①Standard boom, excavator extension boom, extension boom (including two-section extension boom and three-section extension boom, the latter is the demolition boom);
②Standard bucket, rock bucket, reinforced bucket, gutter bucket, grid bucket, screen bucket, cleaning bucket, inclined bucket, thumb bucket, trapezoidal bucket;
③Bucket hook, rotary hydraulic grab, hydraulic claw, pliers, wood grab, mechanical claw, quick change joint, ripper;
④ Excavator quick connector, excavator cylinder, breaker, hydraulic shear, hydraulic rammer, vibratory hammer, bucket teeth, tooth seat, track, supporting sprocket, roller;
⑤Engine, hydraulic pump, distribution valve, center slewing, slewing bearing, travel drive, cab, control valve, relief valve, main control multi-way valve, etc.;
⑥Electrical components, including: starter motor computer board, automatic refueling motor, joystick assembly, display screen, throttle cable, solenoid valve, Xiao, horn button, relay, instrument panel, safety film, monitor, control panel, air conditioning compression Machine, whole vehicle wiring harness, oil suction pump, governor, connector, timer, plug, preheating resistor, fuse, work light, fuse diesel meter, horn assembly, controller, switch, magnetic switch, hydraulic pump pressure Switch, oil pressure switch, flameout switch, ignition switch, sensor, water temperature sensor, oil sensor, diesel sensor, auto throttle motor sensor, sensor, single foot sensor, angle sensor, speed sensor, pressure sensor;
⑦Chassis parts: including guide wheels, supporting sprockets, rollers, drive teeth, chains, chain links, chain pins, bucket shafts, four-wheel belts, chain rail assemblies, guide wheel brackets, slewing bearings, crawlers, rubber tracks , track assembly, track shoes, tensioning device, tensioning cylinder seat, tensioning cylinder, universal cross shaft, chain plate screws, large springs, chain plates, chain links, chain guards, bottom guards;


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